Legal Project Management
Self Assessment

Curious as to where you sit on the legal project management best practices spectrum? Take this quick, free test to find out. Three sections, 10 questions in each – about 5 to 10 minutes to complete. What are you waiting for? LET'S GO

Client Matters

1. You know your clients' main business risks and opportunities
2. You are unaware of what drives your clients' profitability
3. You actively track client preferences (e.g. file staffing, communication style, information flow, risk level, etc.)
4. Clients exclude you from their strategic planning discussions
5. You know what criteria your clients use to assess you
6. You are aware of how your clients use your work product
7. You conduct post closing file reviews with your clients
8. You are uncomfortable discussing difficult matters with your clients
9. You receive meaningful, constructive feedback from your clients
10. You undertake work over and above what clients request
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Profitability Matters

11. Your clients are surprised by the magnitude of final, aggregate matter costs
12. You set time, cost and scope expectations at the beginning of each matter
13. You analyze whether matters are meeting time, cost and scope expectations as they proceed
14. You regularly provide clients with updates of matter timing, cost and scope progress
15. Quotes you provide to clients are unreliable
16. You track whether quotes provided match final amounts billed
17. The amount you are paid is less than amounts billed
18. You track and measure the results of any alternative billing arrangements that have been adopted
19. You issue/receive final accounts within two weeks of a matter closing
20. You know which matters are the most profitable and why
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Team Matters

21. All team members understand the client's underlying business and matter objectives
22. Team members are unaware of how clients actually use the work product
23. All team members contribute to the setting of matter time, scope and cost expectations
24. Team members are unaware of any time, scope and cost expectations that have been communicated to the client
25. Each team member's role is specified at the start of each matter
26. All team members have articulated, measurable performance objectives
27. Client work takes priority over formal skill development sessions
28. All team members formally develop communication skills
29. All team members receive formal annual feedback
30. All team members receive informal feedback at least quarterly
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CONGRATULATIONS! By taking this test you have already taken steps to advance your position on the best practices scale. Remember, perfection usually isn’t attainable or practical so don’t focus too much on your raw mark. Instead, use the information below to better understand your current situation and your opportunities for advancement. Your clients, pocketbook and team will thank you for it!

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